Medical Study——转向电子烟的烟民几乎不可能再去抽传统香烟

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近日,发表在英国医学杂志British Medical Journal (BMJ)上的一项医学研究表明:转向电子烟的烟民几乎不可能再重新去抽传统香烟。此项研究极大的证实了电子烟可以帮助烟民提高戒烟的成功率。

Medical Study: Smoker Switching To E-Cigarettes Unlikely To Go Back


Smokers who successfully quit using e-cigarettes are far less likely to relapse and pick up tobacco, according to a new study.

Published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), the study examined vapers– smokers and those who do both for a period of two years and wanted to see how effective e-cigarettes were in keeping people off cigarettes.


“Of the e-cigarette users, 61.1 percent remained abstinent from tobacco (while 23.1 percent and 26.0 percent of tobacco-only smokers and dual users achieved tobacco abstinence),” the study said. “The rate (18.8 percent) of stopping use of either product (tobacco and/or e-cigarettes) was not higher for e-cigarette users compared with tobacco smokers or dual users.”

研究表明,61.1%的电子烟使用者可以完全戒掉香烟 ,而烟草使用者及电子烟香烟两者都有在用的烟民戒掉香烟的概率仅为23.1%和26.0%。

The study concludes that using e-cigarettes alone may prevent smokers from drifting back to cigarettes.


“This study is useful for limited purposes,” said Siegel. “It does not provide information on the magnitude of the effectiveness of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation because it does not compare smokers who are randomized to receive e-cigarettes vs. smokers who are randomized to an alternative cessation approach (or to usual care).

Medical Study——转向电子烟的烟民几乎不可能再去抽传统香烟

“What it does demonstrate is that the rate of recidivism back to cigarette smoking is relatively low among vapers. In other words, if a person is successful in quitting smoking using e-cigarettes, there is a very good chance that he or she will be able to maintain their status as an ex-smoker. Moreover, the chances of a vaper being a smoker two years later are much lower than the chances of a smoker continuing to smoke two years later.”

The big public health take away for Siegel is that if a smoker successfully switches from smoking to vaping, there is a very strong chance they will remain an ex-smoker.





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